Krebs Weak on Immigration

Former South Dakota Trump Campaign Director Neal Tapio, calls on South Dakota Secretary of State, Shantel Krebs to clarify her own stance on Muslim immigration and refugee resettlement, and to reveal whether she agrees or disagrees with the policies of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, more specifically, dealing with Kobach’s concept commonly known as a “National Muslim Registry.”

Kobach, who recently endorsed Krebs in her race for South Dakota’s lone Congressional seat and will be appearing at a Krebs campaign fundraiser, is a former Trump campaign advisor most famous for his calls for a creation of a Muslim registry.  Tapio, Trump’s campaign director in South Dakota, believes Kobach’s endorsement may be a case of mistaken political identity.

“I was quite surprised when Kris Kobach endorsed a candidate that would be afraid to even utter the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ and “Terrorism” in public, let alone in the same sentence,” Tapio said.

“The truth is, Shantel Krebs has made a nice, comfortable career being a politician who is much more likely to disavow people who boldly try to solve problems in the way Secretary Kobach does and has, especially on this very important topic.”

“If this newfound boldness is any indication, I would look forward to working with Shantel this upcoming legislative session to craft stringent new laws addressing refugee resettlement and foreign investment in South Dakota businesses by nations that embrace Shariah Law, including the death penalty for non-believers,” Tapio said.

“We need candidates who have a strength of purpose and a boldness of conviction to publicly state what needs to be said and then stand and take the heat, just like President Donald Trump,”  Tapio said.