McCabe Out as FBI Deputy Director, Tapio Calls for Release of Memo

In what many expect to be only the first in a succession of heads to roll related to apparent corruption inside the FBI and an alleged plot to use portions of the American intelligence community to undermine the candidacy and compromise the Administration of President Donald Trump, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe today announced his resignation, effective immediately.

McCabe’s resignation comes in the wake of a Congressional request for information surrounding the infamous ‘Secret Society,’ memo which allegedly outlines an organized effort to use the FBI and other government resources in the Obama Administration to actively resist, compromise and undermine the Trump Presidency, including the construction the long running ‘Russian Collusion,’ narrative against President Trump and members of his cabinet.

South Dakota GOP Congressional Candidate and ‘Team Trump,’ campaign member, Neal Tapio says South Dakota’s Washington delegation should be actively calling for the public release of the ‘Secret Society’ memo and for expedited investigative inquiry regarding the way Department of Justice resources were used to try and secure the 2016 Presidential Election for Hillary Clinton.

“The American people deserve to know exactly what has transpired in the formation of a long running, open plot against this President,” Tapio said.

“More importantly, they need to understand clearly the dangers of a nation that allows political motivations to control choices in investigation of wrongdoing, the construction of false allegations and the concoction of publicized accusations and plots to damage political leaders and private citizens who are not approved members of the establishment power structure in Washington,” Tapio said.

“The contents of the ‘Secret Society,’ memo should be made public immediately and those responsible for this attempted political coup against President Donald Trump should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law,”  Tapio said.

“If even the broadest implications of this apparent plot are proven true, this represents very clearly one of the most stunning abuses of political power and governmental authority in our nation’s long history,” Tapio said.

“Equality under the law is the singular assumption that is required for our legal system to function and for the rule of law to be maintained.  If that system is weaponized for political gain or can be so easily used to manipulate political outcomes and public perception, no citizen is safe from that kind of corruption and potential retaliatory abuses of our most powerful institutions,”  Tapio said.