SD Democrats: Tapio, ‘Unfit for Congress,’ Tapio Thankful for Endorsement

The South Dakota Democrat Party reacted swiftly and with appreciable fear Monday to news of Senator Neal Tapio’s run for Congress, issuing a formal statement responding to Tapio’s pending tour and campaign launch, slated for Tuesday.

In a page-length news release, Democrats referred to Tapio as an ‘extremist,’ and ‘out of touch,’ adding that Tapio has already distinguished himself as the most ‘right wing,’ in the South Dakota legislature.

Tapio replied to the release with characteristic humor.

“I’d like to thank the South Dakota Democrat Party for the most effective and ringing endorsement of my candidacy, thus far,” Tapio said.  “It’s early in the race, but having Democrats say you’re a bad person is a sure sign you’re on the right track,” Tapio said.

“The fact that they’ve identified me as ‘extreme’ and ‘unfit for Congress,’ is as sterling a recommendation as I can think of from a political party that has slipped into the farthest reaches of self-parody nationally and is virtually irrelevant both here in South Dakota and on the national level,” Tapio said.

“Perhaps, now that they’ve officially certified me as the GOP frontrunner in the race for Congress, Democrats can now get back to the business of withholding paychecks from our fighting men and women in uniform and canceling health coverage for needy children in order to leverage a deal to help them import democrat voters that their policies can’t seem to attract on American soil,” Tapio said.

“The reason Democrats are leaving their party in droves is because they simply want to keep our communities safe, find good paying American jobs and vote for leaders who actually make the fate of the  American working class a priority,” Tapio said.

“I applaud their efforts to drive the last of their hard working, blue collar Christian voters out of their party.  Job well done!”