State Senator and Trump Campaign Director, Neal Tapio Announces Bid for Congress with Four City Tour



With events in Watertown, Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Aberdeen Tuesday, Republican State Senator and Donald Trump State Campaign Director, Neal Tapio of Watertown officially enters the 2018 South Dakota congressional race, promising to expose the hypocrisy of establishment politicians rushing furiously to cast themselves as Trump populists.

Tapio says his run for Congress is not a product of political ambition, but of a national need for real people to answer the call to public service and usher in what he sees as a potential American ‘Golden Age,’ of economic, social and cultural rebirth that has been jumpstarted by President Trump’s economic policies and ‘America First,’ platform.

“This campaign will be about faith, family, freedom and free enterprise,” Tapio said. “And about defending both the traditional values of this nation and the economic opportunities and rewards for hard work that made America the greatest nation on earth.”

“I’m not a career politician,” Tapio said. “But in the real world of business and corporate enterprise, I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life, by experiencing at a very high level the way business really works and the way our government has increasingly blocked and hampered the ability for normal people to experience the American Dream. Through taxes and regulations and limitations, for too long, the system has been a rigged game that discourages the average person from striking out on their own and building a successful business and life.” Tapio said.

“Under President Donald Trump we’re seeing the beginnings of a reversal of those very troubling tendencies and already, the results are evident,” Tapio said. “Unemployment is nearing record lows for population groups across the board and we’ve just experienced three consecutive quarters of Gross Domestic Product Growth (GDP) above 3%, after we were once told that America could never again experience that kind of economic prosperity,” Tapio said.

“I think the work has only just begun and I believe our economy is going to soar even higher, so long as we allow this President to continue on the course that he’s charted. I’m ready for the task of helping implement small government policies that empower people and put government in its place,” Tapio said.

Tapio is a successful entrepreneur and business owner whose enterprises service Fortune 50 companies in the world energy sector. Over 20 years of creating and running his own businesses, Tapio has negotiated multimillion dollar contracts in corporate boardrooms of some of the largest companies in the world.

He became inspired to bring the practicality of his business experience to the political realm by the similar message and example of President Donald Trump: America first policies in economics, national defense and immigration that are a repudiation of globalist priorities and bureaucratic incompetence that for years left Americans disillusioned and hopeless about the political future of the nation and struggling under a deliberately sabotaged model of diminished American prosperity and a stagnant economy.

“American workers and small business owners have had their heads held underwater for the better part of three decades,” Tapio said.

“President Trump has shown in a very short time that small government, lower taxes and a commitment to removing the roadblocks to business success still have the power to rehabilitate a sluggish economy. I’m going to Washington to continue to do even more to let average Americans feel confident again about the future of this great country and about their own chances of finding prosperity in the safest and most free nation in the world.” Tapio said.

Tapio, who had already been a presumed congressional candidate for several weeks, used his official campaign announcement to contrast his own record of bold and decisive leadership style with that of South Dakota’s executive branch and congressional delegation, all of whom he criticized for being timid, indecisive and out of touch with the populist groundswell that is sweeping out incumbent officeholders from the establishment center of both parties across the nation.

Tapio was particularly direct in referencing events during the 2016 Presidential election that saw South Dakota Governor, Dennis Daugaard and members of the state’s congressional delegation calling on GOP nominee, Donald Trump to drop out of the race, just weeks before his stunning election victory, a move that would have resulted in a guaranteed victory for scandal-ridden Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“That’s evidence that the career politicians inhabiting the establishment GOP in South Dakota are and were completely out of touch with the mission and the message of a President that is resonating effectively not just in South Dakota, but with working families across the country,” Tapio said.

“If John Thune and Dennis Daugaard had their way, Donald Trump would have been off the Republican ticket and Hillary Clinton would be our President today, God help us,” Tapio said. “I think that’s a level of cowardice and tone deafness that says it all. And it’s clearly not representative of how South Dakotans voted for this President,” Tapio said.

Still, despite lingering challenges on policy fronts both domestically and internationally, Tapio’s natural optimism casts a moment of destiny for an American nation experiencing an economic rebirth and a death of politics as usual of the previous age. He believes his economic experience and familiarity with the challenges facing small business are crucial components of assisting in the formation of a policy climate conducive to economic growth in America.

With dozens of American companies announcing pay raises and bonuses to their employees and Wal-Mart announcing a raise in their minimum wage from $9 to $11 an hour, Tapio says President Donald Trump is proving that letting people and companies keep more of their money is resulting in the ultimate win-win for working families across the nation.

“We have every opportunity for this to go down in history as a new ‘Golden Age’ of American prosperity,” Tapio said.

“The President is keeping his promise to American working families who suffered for years under the failing policies of the past three administrations. This is what happens when businesspeople and not politicians are allowed to apply their economic knowledge in creating real world solutions to natural economic challenges,” Tapio said.  “That’s exactly the resume and experience that I will bring to Washington.”

“People should pay close attention, because we’re watching an American comeback of historic proportions in just the first year of the Trump administration,” Tapio said.

“Thanks to the Trump tax cuts we’re already seeing a rebirth of the American economy.  Three consecutive quarters with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth above 3%.  A labor market with near record low unemployment.  Rising wages and benefits to working employees and more money left in their pockets as a result of the most significant tax cut for the middle class in 40 years,” Tapio said.

“I’m asking South Dakotans to help continue the resurgence by sending me to Congress to help this President undo the damage and political sabotage we’ve been living under for more than 40 years.” Tapio said.

“America is on a rebound,” Tapio said.

“We need to make sure this rebound turns into a renaissance that blesses our children and grandchildren with a time of unmitigated prosperity and potential that has been the American birthright for generations.”


Neal Tapio was born and raised in Watertown, South Dakota and is a 1988 graduate of Watertown High School. He is a 4th generation South Dakotan a descendant of the Prouty family that homesteaded in Hamlin County.

Neal has been a business owner for 20 years and is currently President and CEO of NT Sales and Leasing, Inc. of Watertown, which specializes in the sales and financing of industrial cleaning equipment for the transportation, oil and agriculture industries.

Neal graduated from Moorhead State University with a degree in finance and began his career working for Senator Larry Pressler in Washington DC.

He then worked in the finance industry for Wells Fargo in Rapid City.

Tapio founded New Horizon Homes in Sioux Falls, a builder of single-family homes.

He worked as the membership director of Growth Energy, an ethanol trade association. He has volunteered for numerous political campaigns including Senator John Thune and was the campaign manager for Larry Diedrich for Congress.

Neal looks forward to serving South Dakotans in Congress and helping protect the American Dream for the next generation.


*********** MEDIA ALERT ***********

Senator Neal Tapio announces South Dakota Congressional bid with four city tour of media events.

When: January 30, 2018

Where: 8:30 A.M.—Watertown
NT Sales and Leasing Inc. 
 2832 9th Avenue SW Unit #6
(Watertown Business Condos—West side)

Where: 11:00 A.M.—Sioux Falls
 Holiday Inn, Downtown
100 West 8th Street
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Where: 2:00 P.M.—Rapid City
Hotel Alex Johnson (See lobby for directions)
523 6th Street
 Rapid City, South Dakota

Where: 6:00 P.M.—Aberdeen
Best Western Ramkota Hotel & Convention Center
1400 8th Avenue NW
Aberdeen, South Dakota

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