Memo: Alleged DNC, DOJ Conspiracy Against Trump ‘Worst Political Scandal in U.S. History’

The release of a U.S. House Intelligence Committee memo detailing an alleged Democrat plot to manufacture a Department of Justice investigation against candidate and now, President Donald Trump is sending shockwaves across the nation and has South Dakota GOP Congressional candidate, Neal Tapio calling for a full investigation and potentially, charges of treason against the perpetrators and anyone involved in the conspiracy.

“The Devin Nunes memo lays out in stunning sequence and detail our very worst fears about what so many Americans had come to believe was really happening in the Mueller investigation against President Donald Trump,” Tapio said.

“The very damning evidence of conspiracy in this case tears at the very fabric of the central assumption that must exist in order for a peaceful society to be governed under the rule of law and that is that those with the power to gather evidence, bring charges and pursue prosecution can be trusted to subject themselves to the highest possible ethical standards of conduct,” Tapio said.

“The apparent manufacturing of evidence and conspiracy to construct allegation and investigation against Donald Trump and those surrounding him, both during his campaign for the presidency and after his election should be a terrifying prospect for every single American citizen,” Tapio said.

Central to the four page memo, declassified and released on Friday, is the use of an assembled dossier against Donald Trump to gain approval for a FISA court warrant for wiretapping of Trump Tower and the capture of all digital communications between Trump and dozens of members of his private and political circles during and after the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Chain of evidence outlined in the memo indicates that the ‘dirty dossier,’ as it has been commonly known, was commissioned and purchased by the Democratic National Committee, manufactured by a former British intelligence officer named Christopher Steele and augmented through his contacts with low level members of the Russian intelligence community, who were also paid for whatever information they could offer, regardless of verification or veracity.

The Nunes memo then outlines how that dossier was vetted by U.S. Senator John McCain and then transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and how FBI staff were then directed to help massage and alter the dossier to give it a greater appearance of authenticity prior to its presentation to the FISA court as evidence justifying wiretapping and surveillance of Trump and his associates.

Even prior to disclosure of the sourcing of the document, much of the contents of the dossier and claims contained in it had been subsequently challenged and debunked.

Since revelations about links to the DNC and the Clinton political apparatus and the creation of the dossier, legal experts across the spectrum of both the criminal justice system and civil litigation have expressed outrage in published reports about what many see as an apparent hijacking of the Department of Justice through fraudulent means.

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus, Alan Dershowitz, has stated that the politically motivated and contrived origins of the dossier make it completely inadmissible as evidence of criminal wrongdoing and because it was used to leverage otherwise illegal exceptions to surveillance laws protecting American citizens, that it constitutes an egregious example of fraud and false evidence for political advantage.

South Dakota GOP Congressional candidate, Neal Tapio minced no words in characterizing the chain of events as a potential threat to the integrity of two of the must crucial elements of American society: The cohesive integrity of our election process and the assumption of equality under the law in our system of justice.

“Because it involved an election to decide leadership of our nation and continues even now against a sitting President of the United States, that fabrication of evidence and use of it to set in motion the wheels of a Department of Justice investigation is not just a violation of our 4th Amendment protections against search and seizure, but could potentially constitute multiple acts of treason by multiple actors that must now be fully investigated by whatever means necessary,” Tapio said.

“The American people deserve the truth. And anyone and everyone directly tied to this mess should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”