Tapio Battle Against ‘Peaceful Jihad’ Gains National Support

While beset and embattled by politically correct liberal critics in his home state of South Dakota, Congressional candidate and State Senator, Neal Tapio is garnering national support and attention by conservative media outlets for his outspoken identification of the silent Jihad of refugee resettlement and his efforts to defeat it.

Leo Hohmann, a veteran investigative journalist who has worked for some of the premier outlets of conservative independent journalism has taken notice of the Neal Tapio Congressional candidacy and Tapio’s outspoken willingness to fight the Islamic invasion on South Dakota soil via the refugee resettlement program, in both message and legislation and is writing about Tapio’s crusade to make South Dakota the decisive battleground in the fight to end the refugee resettlement program in America.

“We need more Neal Tapio’s,  that’s for certain,” Hohmann said.

“There’s just not nearly enough political involvement on the part of the state legislatures, that’s obvious.  On a state and national level, we just never cease to avail ourselves of an opportunity for a foreign war involving Islamic terrorism, complete with billions of dollars of manpower and equipment and our young men and women sent overseas to fight this ideology,” Hohmann said.

“However when it comes to fighting this Islamic threat at home that’s where we seem to be completely inept,” Hohmann said.

Hohmann says policy groups and conservative think tanks  that have researched and observed the obvious impacts of Islamic refugee resettlement program are confronted by the reality that few elected leaders at any level of government have the knowledge necessary to understand the threat of well defined and formulated Muslim Brotherhood strategy of slow, methodical cultural subversion by sanctioned infiltration of the United States.  Even fewer are leaders understand and are still willing to speak openly about the topic, without fear of being labeled a racist.

“Whether it’s Congress or the White House, our leaders are loathe to speak openly and criticize the threat of muslim violence at home, for fear of being labeled a racist, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe,” Hohmann said.

“We don’t seem to realize that this politically correct condemnation movement is completely a public relations construct of CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations)  and the Muslim brotherhood and dozens of these muslim activist groups who are influenced by one degree or another by the Muslim Brotherhood network.”

“They are skilled in the art of deceptive political warfare, the art of taking down a country, not through military warfare but through propagandized introduction of indoctrination in our social institutions, including our educational system,”  Hohmann said.

“We are now starting to see the implementation of Islamic studies and various kinds of curriculum additions that play very favorably into the deceptive message of Islam as a religion of peace, advancing the very agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in lulling us to sleep for the full implementation of this stealth invasion,” Hohmann said.

Senator Tapio came under heavy fire in early January after interrupting an ‘Interfaith Day’ event at the State Capitol in Pierre and questioning whether Sharia Law and the implementation of laws of apostasy were compatible with the First Amendment provision of freedom of expression for all religions.

Critics have tried to use that event to paint Tapio as a racist and an extremist who want to violate religious rights of Muslims.  Hohmann says Tapio’s identification of the ‘Interfaith’ Trojan horse is exactly accurate and that organizers from both Islamic organizations and American liberals in mainline denominations are being deceptive about the true intentions the Interfaith movement.

“Interfaith dialogues in the churches and synagogues are just another tactic that is being very skillfully and quietly used to wage war against our natural defenses.  Interfaith is being used to normalize Islam as an equality with the Christian church and the Christian faith that authored the doctrine of religious freedom and kindness upon which our Constitution was based,” Hohmann said.

“Interfaith is an absolute slap in the face of the faiths that have had an historic significance in America,” Hohmann said.

“All of these things are part of what is known as a peaceful Jihad.  And while they may be using peaceful means for strategic advantage right now, they all go to the same end goal which is violent jihad and ultimately, the subversion of our society,”  Hohmann said.

“If we back down, we will find ourselves subjugated in future generations, whether it be our children and grandchildren.  And if anyone doubts this all they have to do is look at Western Europe.”

Hohmann made key distinction between western and eastern European nations, where leaders in the east, only recently free from totalitarianism under Communist rule have waged and are waging effective resistance to the stealth invasion of totalitarian belief system of Sharia Law.

“They get it.  They get it clearly in Russia and Poland and Czechoslovakiabecause they lived under Communism.  They know and recognize immediately the totalitarianism of Sharia Law when they see it and they want nothing to do with a return of that kind of tyranny to their countries,”  Hohmann said.

As part of a multipart expose on the criminal and social impacts of Islamic resettlement across the United States, Hohmann has made fastidious compilation of statistics and incidents involving refugees, including crimes that were covered up or were hidden from publication by law enforcement, including here in South Dakota.  Still, Hohmann believes that by heeding the warnings and acting now, South Dakota is uniquely positioned to play a pivotal backdrop for winning the wider conversation against the refugee resettlement program.

“I think South Dakota is in a good position to take a stand on this issue, because it is a small state, it is a rural state, it is a mostly conservative state, but it is also a state that has already seen the ravages of Islamic refugee resettlement with the infusion of 4,500 hardcore Somali Islamic refugees into the fabric of those small towns of Sioux Falls and Aberdeen,”  Hohmann said.

“And in a town the size of Aberdeen, South Dakota, what that does is in just a few years transform from an all America city into a third world hellhole that these people left to escape,”  Hohmann said.

“It can happen sometimes in as little as 20 years as we’ve seen sometimes in cities of similar size, with St. Cloud, Minnesota as example.”

“Violent crimes, sexual assaults,  What I like to call pinprick incidents of Islamic terrorism, stabbings, shootings etc., that are not attacks on the scale of 9/11, but that very clearly have an impact on the consciousness of the citizenry and strike fear of religious violence into the hearts of a community,” Hohmann said.

Hohmann reserved high praise for Neal Tapio as a careful researcher and student of the Muslim religion, who has taken several years to develop an understanding of the practice of Sharia law and the stated goals and objectives of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in their slow subversion of the United States.

Hohmann says Tapio’s knowledge on the topic and awareness of the threat make him an invaluable resource in enacting and advancing policy that identifies and defeats the strategy of peaceful Jihad against the west.

“Neal Tapio is one of the few politicians in this country right now who understands this dichotomy between violence and peaceful Jihad and their end objectives.  We will never defeat radical Islamcists by just combatting them on the battlefield.  We have to fight in the battle of ideas against Islam here at home in the political arena,” Hohmann said.