Tapio Challenges South Dakota Leaders to End Refugee Resettlement in South Dakota

With a looming showdown over the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program scheduled for Wednesday’s Senate State Affairs Committee in Pierre, congressional candidate and Watertown State Senator Neal Tapio is issuing a challenge to every elected leader and political candidate in South Dakota: Find the courage to have an open and honest dialogue about Islamic terrorism and the statistical reality of incidental violence and terrorist threat presented by Islamic refugee populations in the United States.

“The time is long past when we can allow our elected leaders to hide behind the comfortable, politically correct language that refuses to even utter the phrase, “Islamic terrorism,” Tapio said.

“I call on every candidate for Attorney General, Governor and Congress to publicly support or reject SB 200,” Tapio said.

“Tell us whether or not you think the refugee resettlement program is safe. Tell the citizens of South Dakota if you agree with Governor Daugaard that those concerned about islamic terrorism and refugee resettlements from terror prone counties are just fear mongers, as Governor Daugaard says. Be specific. Tell the people of South Dakota whether or not you think Somali violence and terrorism is a real threat that should be addressed.” Tapio said.

“We live in challenging times. This is not the time for weak politicians to run for office avoiding the real issues, offering platitudes and throwing out breath mints. Those days are over. The issues are too large and complex and the solutions are too complicated and controversial for politics as usual. We need leaders to take a stand, not politicians that take a poll. The people just want to know what you really think.”

Tapio’s bill, Senate Bill 200, would immediately end all forced refugee resettlement in South Dakota from the five nations listed in President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Proponents call it a much needed response to stemming the tide of Islamic immigration to the United States and the risk that concentrated Muslim communities become hotbeds of radicalized Islamic practice and thought and potential incubators for sleeper cell terrorism on American soil.

To underscore the necessity of decisive action to end forced refugee resettlement in America, Tapio will be joined in committee testimony by an impressive lineup of national security and policy experts who will offer statistical analysis of the criminal activity, propensity for terrorism radicalization and social and economic costs shouldered by communities and states where large refugee populations are proving incapable of peacefully and safely assimilating into the general population. Tapio sees it as a clear line of demarcation on a crucially sensitive matter of national destiny.

“Wednesday’s hearing on my bill to end refugee resettlement in South Dakota (SB 200) will expose the fraudsters, the cowards and the pretenders in this debate, who are not only unwilling to speak openly about the threats facing our nation, but are also helping each other profit politically and corporately by their acceptance of horrible program and policy,” Tapio said.