Tapio Calls Student Walkout, “Political Indoctrination”

State Senator and GOP Congressional Candidate Neal Tapio joined a growing outcry of South Dakota parents angered by a planned student walkout calling for nationwide gun control after a Florida school shooting last month that left 17 dead.  Tapio called the protest a leftist political movement designed to exploit and indoctrinate American children, damaging the relationship parents have with the public schools their children attend.

“We are watching the demise and possibly the end of the public school system,” Tapio said.

“Make no mistake, the school walkout protests are a gun control effort pushed by left wing organizations with a political agenda. They are organized and funded nationally by the most dangerous liberal organizations in the world who, at their core, are anti-American community organizers in the image of President Barrack Obama,” Tapio said. “School participation in a ‘student walkout’ endangers the trusting relationship parents have with their children’s schools.”

Tapio said there is a growing concern among parents about the long term direction of public schools and their failure to protect their children from left wing political activists.

“Our public education system is failing to protect our kids on multiple levels.  We are not preparing workers for a workforce, we are preparing them to be political activists and community organizers with a leftist agenda, and parents are frustrated by this,”  Tapio said.

“Worst of all, our schools have become danger zones, with such tolerance of a drug culture that every school administrator I have talked to agrees that up to half of the school children couldn’t pass a drug test at any given time.

“Additionally, with the recent Obama era juvenile justice reforms implemented by Gov. Daugaard, kids with criminal backgrounds and behavioral problems are placed back in the school environment in an attempt to lower incarceration rates, not to protect kids. These liberal laws are creating the dangerous environment that should be protested by teachers and school administrators, yet they join liberal organizations to protest guns and the NRA.”

“That is disgraceful.” Tapio said.

According to multiple media outlets and published reports, this current national protest seems to be headed by the National Woman’s March, which is led by Linda Sarsour, a terrorist sympathizer and Islamist apologist who believes in sharia law, which is the Islamic law that includes the death penalty for those that choose to leave Islam.

Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan is also a confirmed organizer of the walkout.

“This public school indoctrination effort follows other recent political  campaigns to indoctrinate public school children.”

“For the last decade, public schools have pushed a ‘green agenda’ which demonizes the coal and energy industry and criticizing any efforts to oppose left wing climate change legislation.” Tapio said.

“Additionally, public schools have pushed a tolerance and unity agenda based on moral relativism and acceptance of all lifestyles and political ideologies as equal and deserving of equal treatment, regardless of merit or critical examination. When schools promote an LBGTQ political agenda, without a deep discussion of the psychological early childhood trauma often associated with alternative lifestyles, or when schools teach an Islamic agenda without focusing on the dangers of Islamic laws such as their calling for death to those who wish to leave Islam, it becomes clear our school system has become infected by those with a political agenda.”

“It’s time for parents to put a stop to this public school indoctrination of our children.” Tapio concluded.