Tapio: Paul Ryan, ‘Crooked’ GOP Establishment Cave on $-Trillion Omnibus Bill

GOP Congressional Candidate, Neal Tapio today blasted House Republican leadership for posing little more than a rubber stamp speed bump to the 2,232 page Omnibus spending bill totaling $1.3-trillion and including troubling provisions for expanded background checks for gun ownership without offering reciprocity for concealed carry gun permits nationwide.

“What tbe bill lacks in brevity it certainly makes up for in lack of transparency on the dire threat posed by our crushing national debt,” Tapio said Wednesday, referencing the 2,232 page spending package that was delivered to house members’ offices just a few hours before a scheduled vote, leaving no time to give thorough reading prior to expected approval.

“Who could ever forget the outrage that was expressed when Nancy Pelosi famously told the nation that Congress needed to pass Obamacare before we could find out what was in it,” Tapio said.

“And here we are eight years later with another stopgap spending package that Congressional members couldn’t possibly have time to read, much less to digest or critique and $1.3-trillion added to the ledger,” Tapio said.

“This is added proof that Congress is broken and that there is a complete lack of understanding on the part of our nation’s leaders about a national debt that remains the single most pressing threat to the future of our nation and the security and prosperity of future generations that will be saddled with an economy that is being strangled by bloated government,” Tapio said.

“There isn’t a household in America that could afford to borrow one out of every four dollars spent and not end up homeless, bankrupt and penniless,” Tapio said.

“And yet that is exactly what government is doing, even with Republicans controlling the White House and both houses of Congress,” Tapio said.

“It’s more proof that the era of the career politician is over and that real people with real world business experience are needed to help deal responsibly and sensibly with pressing problems facing our nation,” Tapio said.