Tapio: Trump Fighting Back in Chinese Trade War, “Already Lost”

State Senator and GOP Congressional candidate Neal Tapio today issued strong support for President Trump in the escalating tariff and intellectual property trade skirmish with the Chinese and urged agriculture organizations to direct their energy toward helping President Trump fight back against unfair trade practices China has employed for decades.

“President Trump is right, this isn’t a war. We’ve already lost the trade war with China,” Tapio said.

“The President is addressing trade imbalances that simply can not be kicked down the road any longer. Annual trade deficits with China are not sustainable, but when combined with currency manipulation and the theft of intellectual property, the current trading relationship with China must change.” Tapio said.

Trump tweeted Wednesday blaming decades of terrible decisions by quote: “foolish or incompetent people,” for surrendering American trade supremacy and allowing China to decimate the United States manufacturing base through years of outright theft of American designs for products ranging from jetliners to microchips.  On Tuesday, Trump announced tariffs on 128 Chinese exports to the American marketplace, touching off fears that retaliatory tariffs on American agricultural products like soybeans would threaten to destabilize the ag sector of the U.S. economy.

“Now China is pitting President Trump against the American farmer,” Tapio said.  “This tactic from a stale Communist playbook will no longer work. Patriotic American farmers understand that America needs a fighter like President Trump to right the ship. The future of America depends on tougher trade negotiations with China,” Tapio said.

Tapio urged farm organizations to publicly acknowledge the devastating trade imbalances, currency manipulations and intellectual property theft in any public comments surrounding trade negotiations. He further urged these organizations to condemn China for unfair trade practices and to talk tough against communist China’s attempt to divide the American farmer from President Trump. Tapio reassured them President Trump’s polices will benefit the American farmer by having a secure and prosperous America and that Trump has their back in these complex negotiations.

“China’s retaliations of soybean exports are part of a larger negotiation which is necessary to defeating the Chinese economic warfare of tough negotiations, currency manipulation and intellectual property theft that has created a $500 billion trade imbalance and has left us vulnerable to an aggressive Chinese imperialism in the Asian Pacific,” Tapio said. “These problems are compounded by China’s ability to blackmail the US economy by threatening to stop buying US Treasuries.

“The American people understand the complicated dilemma facing America. We run massive trade deficits and huge annual federal budget deficits which are then piled on to massive piles of federal debt, yet we continually grow social welfare and entitlement programs while fighting a costly and endless war on Islamic terrorism. These terrible policies leave America vulnerable to blackmail. President Trump is willing to face these problems head on.”

While it isn’t easy, President Trump deserves our respect and support.” Tapio said.