Tapio Calls for End of Mueller Probe, Promises Fight for Hillary Prosecution

South Dakota GOP Congressional candidate Neal Tapio today issued harsh criticism against former FBI Director Robert Mueller, calling for an immediate end of the Mueller-Rosenstein investigation of the Trump White House that is now entering its second year.  Tapio today promised that if elected, he will strongly support an end to the ‘Russian Collusion,’ investigation that he says is a proven political assassination plot against the President and also promised that he would fully support a Congressional investigation into the actions of Hillary Clinton and Clinton loyalists who have been proven as the origins of the Mueller probe against Trump.

“What the American people are watching is nothing less than a litigation Coup d’tat against a sitting President of the United States.  This is what happens when the criminal machinery of Washington D.C. fights back against an outsider hired by the American people to fix a broken government,” Tapio said.

“For more than a year and at millions of dollars of taxpayer expense, the powers of the Department of Justice are being used to punish a duly elected President for disrupting their game and their agenda of tearing down the American nation on the road to a globalist system,” Tapio said.

Tapio also expressed hope that revelations contained in the famous ‘Nunes Memo,’ and an emerging chain of evidence suggesting fraudulent origins of the infamous Steele Dossier used to begin the investigation of Donald Trump would eventually lead to full fledged prosecution of a host of players involved in the plot to unseat Donald Trump and overturn the results of the 2016 election.  Tapio says it’s clear that Democrats are planning to impeach Trump if they gain control of Congress in the 2018 election.  

“It should send shivers up the spine of every American citizen that on the basis of fraudulent and phony documents, police-state surveillance under the orders of Hillary Clinton loyalists can be used against an anti-establishment candidate for higher office, in a deliberate attempt not only to defeat Donald Trump politically, but to ruin him publicly, financially and personally for having the gall to take on the Washington machine,” Tapio said. 

“Nothing less than the Presidency is at stake in the 2018 election,” Tapio said.  “That’s why it’s important not only that Republicans maintain control of both houses of Congress, but that we choose people who will stand strongly with President Trump in the face of this onslaught,” Tapio said