Tapio Calls for End of Reservation System, ‘Soul Sucking Welfare Dependence’

With all eyes on the KELOLand television U.S. House debate Wednesday night, South Dakota GOP Congressional candidate Neal Tapio saved a bombshell for his post-debate commentary, issuing a direct call for an end to the Indian Reservation system in the United States that he blames for creating fatal dependence, destroying the lives of multiple generations of proud native peoples in America. Following his highlighting of EB-5, Gear UP and Refugee Resettlement Programs in South Dakota, Tapio continues in his quest to talk about tough issues in frank terms that the other two candidates don’t dare touch. 

“The current system has destroyed the futures of four generations of Indian children,” Tapio said.  

“I cannot stand and watch as career politicians promise to work with tribal leaders to fix the current system. The truth is the reservation system is the cause of the problem.  Four generations of Native Americans have had their pride, their dignities and their souls sucked out, with devastating effects,” Tapio said.

“Dusty Johnson and Shantel Krebs are involved in failed programs and corrupt systems such as Gear UP that has used the plight of native peoples to do nothing more than line the pockets of current and former state employees and as a ploy for grant writing and bureaucratic enrichment, while the deepest social problems of native Americans go unmet,” Tapio said. 

Tapio instead proposes a breakup of the tribal reservation system in favor of block granting of Federal benefits to give native Americans a chance at striving and achieving on their own merits.  

“What we’re doing now is completely broken,” Tapio said. 

“Tribal leadership is corrupt.  The majority of people living on Indian Reservations are victims of incest and molestation that are destroying a second and third generation of people living on Indian Reservations, leading to suicide, violence and self-destructive patterns of addiction and hopelessness” Tapio said.

“When dozens of native leaders tell me that the ultimate goal of grade schoolers when they reach adulthood is simply to ‘be alive,’ it’s clear we need to declare an immediate state of emergency and find solutions to these problems,” Tapio said. 

“And anyone opposing reform and supporting the current system is racist.  Because the outcomes are absolutely destructive and demotivating.”