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Tapio Sides with Microwbrew Bill Against ‘Distributorship Monopoly’

  GOP Congressional candidate and State Senator, Neal Tapio believes South Dakota’s thriving microbrewery industry would do even better if they could produce more suds and still legally sell their own products to stores and restaurants independently, rather than being forced to sell to large distributorships who monopolize the wholesale liquor industry in South Dakota….

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Apple Brings $Billions and Jobs Back to Trump’s America

An already white-hot market atmosphere was boosted even further this week by news that the world’s most valuable company, Apple, will bring $350-billion and an estimated 30,000 jobs back to the United States to take advantage of the Trump Tax Plan and the new lower corporate income tax. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the repatriation…

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Bonus Boom! Economy Roars Under Trump Tax Plan

With dozens of American companies announcing pay raises and bonuses to their employees and Wal-Mart announcing a raise in their minimum wage from $9 to $11 an hour, Republican State Senator Neal Tapio of Watertown says President Donald Trump is proving that letting people and companies keep more of their money is resulting in the…

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