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Tapio Supports HB1120 for Home schoolers: ‘Let the Kids Play’

Congressional candidate and Watertown State Senator Neal Tapio issued a statement of support today for HB 1120, a bill that would allow unfettered access to public school sports and activities by homeschool families, without requiring them to be enrolled as students in local school districts. “As the slogan so rightly says, ‘Let the Kids Play,’”…

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Star Academy Sale ‘Huge Loss’ for Juvenile Justice

Watertown State Senator Neal Tapio‘s continued investigation of the impacts of closure of Star Academy is uncovering shocking incidents of classroom violence and disruption of the educational environment, often at the hands of students who previously would have been sent to Star Academy. In early December, an Edgemont teen used a box cutter to slash…

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Tapio: Halt Star Academy Sale

A group of lawmakers today renewed calls for a delay the sale of Star Academy until a further review of the juvenile justice program in South Dakota and the increased meth usage among South Dakota children can be undertaken. The group of legislators have reached out to their local school superintendence, sheriffs and state’s attorneys…

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