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Notes from Neal: Please Support My Efforts In Clearly Defining the War on Islamic Terror

Dear Fellow South Dakotans, Since September 11, 2001, I have watched as patriotic Americans have fought and sacrificed their limbs and their lives in an endless war on terror.  We can no longer afford to avoid the root cause of the war on terror. We need to face this problem head on.  I’ve decided to…

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Notes from Neal: Going In-Depth on The Real Issues Surrounding Islamic Terrorism

  Within the last four years, up to 50 Somali men from Minnesota attempted to join ISIS, the most violent terrorist organization this world has ever seen.  Did you know those Somali men weren’t refugees? They were the children of refugees. (There goes the theory that we understand how to properly vet refugees.) In addition…

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Tapio: Interfaith Debate a Time for Christians to Stand Boldly

Dear Friends and Fellow Lawmakers, We need to defend our Christian faith vigorously. I applaud the author of this letter to the editor who took the time to defend those of us fighting vigorously to save our nation. The solution to our nation’s ills are found in the Fundamental Christian values that we share in…

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