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Neal Tapio for Congress Announcement Tour Highlights

With stops in Watertown, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and Rapid City, GOP Congressional Candidate, Neal Tapio makes his official entrance into the 2018 race for U.S. House on January 30, 2018.   See why people are on board for an “America First” candidate who served as Donald Trump’s State Director in the 2016 Presidential campaign.  

Tapio: With Trump Brand Flying High, Beware Phony Trump Candidates in 2018

You might call it an, “I told you so,” moment. Tuesday’s wildly popular State of the Union address by President Donald Trump, offered time for satisfied reflection for Trump supporters including Congressional candidate Neal Tapio, whose unwavering support for Trump’s candidacy in 2016 flew in the face of all of South Dakota’s GOP establishment elite,…

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SD Democrats: Tapio, ‘Unfit for Congress,’ Tapio Thankful for Endorsement

The South Dakota Democrat Party reacted swiftly and with appreciable fear Monday to news of Senator Neal Tapio’s run for Congress, issuing a formal statement responding to Tapio’s pending tour and campaign launch, slated for Tuesday. In a page-length news release, Democrats referred to Tapio as an ‘extremist,’ and ‘out of touch,’ adding that Tapio…

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Tapio Television Ad a Study in Contrasts: ‘Not a Politician’

The first television ad of the 2016 Congressional race in South Dakota contrasts Neal Tapio’s blue collar pathway to success and business savvy with career political resumes of his two GOP rivals. With President Donald Trump featured prominently in the ad repeating a phrase that was heard often on the 2016 campaign trail, “I’m not…

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